Giving up.

Meet my Science notebook.

 I just want to share this thing. Hehe. So, this is my Science notebook. Our teacher instructed us to have a notebook that has a personalized design with our inspirations. Well, honestly I made this last-minute. Such a crammer, I know. So these are the reasons why I chose these pics for my design. :>

1. Tribal Title

I am a fan of aztec or ‘modern’ tribal designs. While I was browsing in dafont, I saw this font and I was overjoyed. Hahahaha. For me, it’s cute. :)

2. The Boat

My father is a seaman. He is one of the reasons why I am still fighting to be my best. Every time I see this pic, it reminds me of all the hard works and sacrifices of my father. 

3. Bible Verse

 The verse is “I can do all things through Him, who strengthens me. -Philippians 4:13”. Reading this verse gives me courage, courage to report in front of the class, to recite and to think. I must admit, Science is one of the hardest subjects for me. It’s too wide. So everytime I lose my strength, I must remember that God is there for me. :)

4. Black Bird

 I made this. HAHAHA. Yes, it is so ugly, specially the feet or whatever you call it. Hmm. There’s something about this drawing that inspires me everytime I see it. I guess it’s telling me that one day I can fly and I must grow in order to. This picture relaxes me. :)


5. Tumblrinspiration

I don’t know what to call it! Hahaha. Well, this design contains the icons of buhaybabae and buhaylalake. The Tumblr ‘i-dont-know-what to-call-it’. They are close friends, I think… And they are my favorite bloggers. I’ve been blogging for 2 years but with the use of my other accounts and I’m a fan of ate K. Her blog was great, until kuya Zeph came and turned it to a super-ultra-mega-great-inspiring-nakakakilig blog. And since then, I became the fan of the two. I put their icons on my notebook because they are one of the reasons why I am still livng in this crazy world and they have been there for me even though they don’t know it’s me. ;) Haha. Hi there ate and kuya! :>

So there you go, the post about my Science notebook. :>

Hope I pass this subject.